Gold Coast, Australia Google Timelapse

This is a Google Time lapse of Gold Coast, Australia. Within the past thirty years, Australia has become a popular tourist and vacation spot. This specific time lapse show the structural and geographical development of the land.

As shown in the time lapse, in 1990, there was an extensive amount of structural growth. This was likely due to an industrial spike and popularity in terms of Gold Coast becoming a popular vacation spot. In 2014, it became apparent that there was an increase in the population that occupied that area due to the spike in living spaces. Since 2014, there have not been many changes in terms of the structural or geographical area in Gold Coast, Australia.,153.4,10,latLng&t=0.00


Google Trends

Hurricane Michael

Below are two images of the Google Trends both chronologically and geographically of Hurricane Michael Google Trend searches.

Hurricane Michael is a hurricane that took place in the first 2 weeks of October, 2018.  The timeline image Google searches displays the timeline and peak dates of the key term “Hurricane Michael. It primarily affected the south-east coast. This was displayed in the geographically image showing the popular regions where the term “Hurricane Michael” was searched, as well.



Below is an image of the Google Trend of the chronological timeline of the search “election.” With the elections for the U.S. being at a peak (about two weeks away from the time of writing this post), many people have been not only referring to news websites and articles, but also online searches to see citizen opinions. An interesting note is on Oct, 9, just one month shy of the official election date, there was a drastic spike in interest in Google searches.

Chicago Bulls Payroll 2018-2019

Below is a chart that compares the 2019-2019 salaries of Chicago Bulls players. The data was collected from, a credible web page that posts data pertaining to individual player and teams on their performance and compensation.

When comparing individual player’s salaries, I chose to divide it as a pie chart to make it visually pleasing and easily comparable. Pie charts make visualizing fractions in comparison to a whole simple and seamless. In this pie chart specifically, we are able to see the players payroll in comparison to one another, which can determine other factors, such as scores, play time, etc.

Unemployment Net Change

Below is data scraped from the Bureau of Labor Statistics regarding the unemployment net change in the United States over a ten year period from 2005-2015. There is a a line chart to the right as the data as well to visually display to data to easily compared and show trends from differing months & years.

Craft Breweries Per State (2015)

Interested in seeing which states have the most abundant amount of Craft Breweries? Below is an image of a bar graph I created to display a visually pleasing form of the amount of Craft Breweries per state. Click here to see an interactive bar graph of Craft Breweries Per State. This bar graph was based off information gathered by the Brewer’s Association in 2015, breaking down every state in the United States to get an visually comparable bar graph.

Google Trends



According to a study conducted by Google Trends, the word “hurricane” has increased immensely in terms of the amount of Google searches conducted. In 2018, up until August, Google searches for this term were steadily low. However, there was a drastic increase in the amount of searches towards the beginning of September when Hurricane Florence was nearing the U.S.  In fact, three of the five related searches had the word “Florence” as a related search subject. When I put this Google search to the test, I was able to geographically see the top five regions that were searching the term “hurricane,” majority of which were going to be affect by the hurricane.

When expanding my research to a five year span, there is an general increased spike during August/September with the amount of Google searches for the term “hurricane.” This follows the trend since August & September are hurricane seasons. However, an interesting find was that not as many people were referring to Google searches 2+ years ago. Before the Web was a primary form of getting information and news update, people watched the news on T.V. and read the newspapers. In the past few years, people have been referring to the Internet as their primary form of getting information (as shown in the Google Trend search).

Pumpkin Spice

According to a study conducted by Google Trends, the term “pumpkin spice” has been a trending topic since the end of August. After further looking into this, Starbucks released their pumpkin spice latte just one week later. When comparing it as a yearlong trend, the trends start in late August/early September and last until the end of December (when Starbucks discontinues their holiday drinks). As opposed to the previous article of the Google Trend Hurricane topic,  there has always been a consistency of Google searches at the September & December months. Since hurricanes are newsworthy and seasonal things, such as pumpkin spice lattes, are not considered newsworthy, there are more Google searches for these non-newsworthy events.

When looking at a worldwide map, the United States and Canada are among the top two most populated regions that search the term “pumpkin spice.” There are other scattered parts of the world that fall on a concentrated area of Google Searches.

Map: Twenty Great Cycling Cities


Photo by: Alfredo Borba

Are you interested in exploring the world in an recreational and affordable way? Below is a map with images and videos of twenty great cycling cities in the world according to Google New Initiative. Go beyond your comfort zone! From breathless stops in Japan to clear trails in Amsterdam, this map will take you on a tour of great places to explore while cycling the world.

Keep an eye out for scenic path trails!